Billing Info


Participating Providers:

Glasgow Surgery Center is a participating provider with the following insurance companies:



Blue Cross/Blue Shield


Coventry Healthcare

Health Options

Independence Blue Cross

Independence Personal Choice

Keystone Healthplan East


Railroad Medicare


United Healthcare Community

We do not participate with State of Delaware or out of state Medicaid plans.

Prior to Surgery:

All authorizations/pre-certifications must be provided 48 hours prior to the procedure by the surgeon’s office. Prior to surgery, any questions concerning the Glasgow Surgery Center facility fees please call (302) 836-3539.

Day of Surgery:

Please bring your legal photo identification, your insurance cards and method of payment for any co-payments, deductibles and out of pocket expenses.

Following Surgery:

Patients might receive a bill from the following:


Glasgow Surgery Center


Lab – if applicable

Patients are responsible for copays, coinsurance, deductibles and non-covered services. Glasgow Surgery Center will bill for expenses related to the operating room, pre-and post-procedural care, medications, supplies and equipment. If you receive a bill and have a question regarding the facility fee please call (708) 540-6255. Questions concerning anesthesia fees/bills please call (800) 242-1131.